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In conclusion, this english was a much funny, and more interesting. And star wars, video games and heavy metal are the best Hobby

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Final Unit!!!1

In this unit i expose you a line time of the great spartan king leonidas I

"king of Sparta. He succeeded (c.491 B.C.) his half brother, Cleomenes I. When the Persians invaded Greece under Xerxes (480 B.C.), Leonidas with 300 Spartans and 5,000 auxiliaries was given the pass at Thermopylae to hold. There was treachery. Most of the Greeks got away, but the Spartans and 700 Thespians refused to flee and were killed. Herodotus immortalized the incident. See Persian Wars.

These warriors fought grouped together, shoulder-to-shoulder, in a tactical unit called a phalanx. Presenting a forest of spears and shields, the phalanx may be likened, not too unreasonably, as the "tank" of the ancient world. From the front, the phalanx was well-nigh unstoppable, but it was vulnerable in the flanks and rear. In order to limit their vulnerability, the Spartans deployed more lightly-armed javelin troops. In this form of infantry warfare, the Spartans were unequalled. There is no evidence that they employed archers or slingers. Nor did they employ cavalry in significant numbers, for the terrain of Greece is such as to limit the utility of mounted action. Naval matters were, for the most part, left to Sparta's allies.

In conclusion, the spartan are the best warrior in their age

SiXtH UnIt!!!

This is my homework of last weekend

"I had a great weekend. i went out with friends, on saturday, i went to the movies in Sambil with my family and my girlfriend, on sunday, i went to my girlfriend's house and went out with friends"

The pass is very important, because much times are good but others... no, write your comentary

FifTh UnIt!!!

In this unit, the class tlak about directions and we use maps of streets

in construction

This homework is very fun, write your comentary

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FoUrTh UnIt!!!

In this unit my friends and me made a dramatization for the class XD.

"Alex: Hello Jose how are you?
Jose: fine, but what’s wrong alex?
Alex: I sprain my ankle
Jose: How happened?
Alex: I was playing basketball with some friends and jump and when i fall down i sprain my ankle
Jose: It looks so bad, you should go to see a doctor Alex!
Alex: I can’t walk very well. Can you go with me ? well, if you want to help me
Jose: yes sure, no problem. Let’s go

Girl: oh what’s happens to you?
Alex: nothing. It was a accident. I was playing basketball and sprain my ankle
Girl: oh that’s bad, and where do you go?
Jose: I go with Alex to see a doctor

Doctor: Hello guys, what’s the matter?
Alex: Nothing I sprain my ankle, and I can’t walk very well for that
Jose: alex is too bad playing basketball jejeje
Doctor: jejej mmm Well let’s check it out

Doctor: well, alex i have to inmobilice your ankle, for some days because you have a big problem with your ankle. Is better that you not play basketball for a long time

Alex: I feel better doctor Daniel, thanks a lot. Bye doctor thank you for all
Doctor: ok this is my work!!! bye".


ThIrD UnIt!!!!

This unit talk about os months, days and festivities, i expose you my favorites celebrations in this area.

"My favorite month is September, because t celebrate my birthday XD. My favorite day is friday, because start the weekend XD. My birthday is in September, I was born on September 29 of 1989. My favorite celebration is Christmas, because I shared with my family. This year I going to shared more with my family".


HEEEEEEY!!!!, there is my favorite celebration and festivities, show you comentary